The Utimate Stellar Battle

Star Clash is an awesome new anime mobile game that will light your fingers on fire! Not literally, that would hurt a lot. Battle unique enemies with the fast, addictive StarTapper battle mechanic to level up your characters and customize your gear!

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Star Clash gets a website!

Well ain't this fancy?!

Welcome to the Star Clash website! I wanted to create a space (get it?) where people could come and check out all the cool stuff we couldn't really cram into the mobile game like expanded story, videos, etc.

I'd also like this to be a space where anyone can get involved and help us 1) refine the mobile game, and 2) flesh out the Star Clash universe. If you have cool story ideas, suggestions for improved gameplay, suggestions for future game mechanics, ideas for what mediums you'd like to see Star Clash expand into - we want to hear it all! So feel free to use these here comments or the contact page. Don't be shy!

And of course, thank you for your interest and support! I'm absurdly and probably inappropriately exited about Star Clash so hopefully at least a few of you are too!

- Jon