The Utimate Stellar Battle

Star Clash is an awesome new anime mobile game that will light your fingers on fire! Not literally, that would hurt a lot. Battle unique enemies with the fast, addictive StarTapper battle mechanic to level up your characters and customize your gear!

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A Mysterious Lost System

Rumors spread fast in Vorik, an expansive star system on the outskirts of the galaxy. The news of a newly found and seemingly abandoned solar system was no different. Six strangers with their fates interconnected found themselves tracking a strange ship after scrambled radio signals were picked up coming from the outskirts. After a rough ride through a massive asteroid belt the curious crew discovered a series of planets orbiting a lonely star. Upon further inspection these planets were not as empty as their isolated location would suggest. Expansive, marvelous cities spanned their landscapes, yet something was missing. Where the strangers expected to find advanced civilizations to match the marvelous surroundings, they found no one. However that would shortly change.

 Six strangers drawn to a mysterious abandoned world.

Six strangers drawn to a mysterious abandoned world.


Where once clearly amazing populations built massive cities and structures now lay dormant as nature reclaims its landscapes. Scouting about the ruins the strangers marvel at eons of culture seemingly evaporated in an instant. Every planet in the system seemed to house different cultures, each with storied histories yet somehow all connected. Their civilizations stretched across every part of every globe, doomed now to be disheveled by the cold hands of entropy. What happened to these people? Where have they gone? More importantly to these six individuals, what have they left behind?

A Mechanical Presence

Something stirred in the absence of the native population. As the strangers traversed the ruins they noticed something interesting. Although the planets seemed void of human life, the technology around them seemed active, almost aware. It was then that the strangers knew they weren't alone on these worlds, and whatever was there with them wasn't friendly.

 These folks are not happy to see you

These folks are not happy to see you

Harness The Power of Stars

The one common thread between this group of outsiders is their ability of StarTapping. What started as a way to cleanse the dark energy of the universe through tapping into the power of stars took a dark turn. Now only a select few somehow managed to understand this powerful technique and would soon discover it potential - in battle! Welcome to the Star Clash.