The Utimate Stellar Battle

Star Clash is an awesome new anime mobile game that will light your fingers on fire! Not literally, that would hurt a lot. Battle unique enemies with the fast, addictive StarTapper battle mechanic to level up your characters and customize your gear!

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Jonathan Powell

Design, Production

Originally from Wyoming, Jon is an insatiably curious and passionate game designer with a background in graphic design, music, and photography.

Twitter: @ThinkJPP

Gilang Andrian

Character, Opponent and Environment Art

Gilang is a freelance artist based in Singapore. He specializes in character design, advertising illustration, and work for game companies. His art style is heavily influenced by Japanese and Korean artists.

Twitter: @alchemaniac

Jennifer Chuu

User Interface Art

Jen was born in the US and raised in Taiwan. She attended school in Vancouver and boasts degrees in fine art and game design. After working for Zynga she now lives in New York. Her passion in art and the game industry drives her desire to make people happy and enjoy their experience with games.

Twitter: @moonsia_legend

Klein Finkler Boelter


Now living in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, Klein is a talented and passionate game developer who is also a whiz in the kitchen!

Gabriel Fonseca Silva


Based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Gabriel is just a common guy who loves video games, guitar, and coding. He dreams about making video games and conquering the world <o/

Benjamin Briggs

Soundtrack and Sound Effects

Benjamin Briggs has been writing and producing music for over a decade. He is known for his signature style blending modern electronic dance elements with video game melodies and chiptunes, but also possesses a strong multi-genre versatility. He has released dozens of Creative Commons albums on his website and maintains a focus on strong personal interaction with his fanbase through his social media outlets.

Twitter: @bbriggsmusic